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January 11th, 2008 · No Comments

Are your reclaimed sand results off this Winter ? It happens every winter and is known as “static cling” which is the buildup of static electricity on your sand by processing it through your sand reclamation system in winter’s extremely dry climate.

The sand therefore retains a coating of dust which is spent binder and typically causes high LOI’s and resultant casting problems.

I have solved the problem over the years by advising a Client Foundry to contact a Supplier of devices which emit an extremely small amount of radioactivity. The device is placed in an airstream within the system like a fluidized bed sand heater, sand cooler and/or classifier. The dust releases very quickly and the dust is drawn off by the dust collection system.

VOILA ! LOI’s are reduced and the sand is cleaner. 3M makes these devices.

To discuss these types of issues contact sales @ nobake 

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